How can you arrange your Live Talk-show ?

Please provide us the information below:

  • Your Organization's name and web-site address

  • Your name and role in the organization

  • Your contact information (Phone, email address)

  • Your proposed Topic of Talk show

  • Your proposed in-Studio Expert (Your organization's thought-leader preferably)

  • Your proposed distant Expert (We can suggest from our panel as well)

  • Your proposed Show Presenter (we can provide the Presenter)

  • Proposed date/time (At least two options to be given, ideally 4 options)

  • Proposed Target Audience (e.g.: Age group 21-50, African origin, Europe based)

  • Style of Talk-show required:    Debate / Information Sharing / Topic Led Discussion / Teaching Style​

Your Talk-show can be one-off or Regular (Weekly, Bimonthly or Monthly)

  • Regular announcement (on Social media outlets) can be made to develop audience

  • A special video promo trailer can be distributed across various platforms to publicize



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