Example prices for ready solutions for TALK SHOWS including Video-streaming and Video-calling facility, merged in the final LIVE output:


  • Use of Apex TV-Studio / Auditorium or your venue

  • BBC approved Broadcast Cameras to be used (2-3 x Camera filming)

  • LIVE Video-calling link (high definition) for distant Expert and Callers

  • LIVE streaming of the Talk-show using our secure Video Streaming service

  • Promotion and Targeted (paid campaign) announcement at TVapex Facebook

  • Preparation of the Program Title/Trailer for pre & post Talk-show publicity

  • Showing the LIVE program at www.TVapex.com and subsequently as a recorded video

  • Linking of your LIVE Talk-show window to your web-site (additional fee may incur)

  • Insertion of Web-site Banner at www.TVapex.com for 7 days

  • Publicity via TVapex official Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Twitter

  • Providing you the final program's video for your web-site and free distribution

  • Inclusion of web-link of your Talk-show's video in TVapex monthly e-Newsletter

  • Inclusion of your Talk-show's summary in TVapex Quarterly Magazine (print version)


Support by TVapex for sharing expenses:

TVapex Project will pay a proportion of the charges for all hired "Apex Video Professionals" services if the involved organization comes under the description of:

  • Registered Charities

  • Social Enterprises

  • Community Organizations (private)

  • Organizations where mutual collaboration is agreed (Friends of TVapex)

Information we require for your Live Talk-show:


  • Topic and brief information about your seminar/talk show/program

  • Probable Date and Time (Please provide multiple options if possible)

  • Information about desirable audience (age, gender, ethnicity, educational/professional status, geographical preference etc) so that we can publicize your event to relevant audience on Facebook

  • Show Presenter - AVP can provide a suitable Show-Presenter for an extra cost (From £120.00 for one hour show).

  • In-Studio Expert or Thought Leader from your organization with knowledge of the topic

  • To suggest Distant Expert though AVP will help in this regard

  • Content for your Web-banner and promotional trailer

  • Full names/email addresses/phone contacts of the Presenter and Hosts with their qualification

Contact Information:

Please email the above information to "Director@TVapex.com"


To book date of your Talk or Seminar, please call "Apex Centre Manager" at 0208 123 1189.


Brief Disclaimer and notification:

The content control policy of "Apex Video Professionals" (both for  Video-callers and the Presenters/Hosts) will ensure that no unlawful and offensive content goes online LIVE or subsequently in finalized program video.