Filming Location:  Apex TV-Studio - 3 camera recording

£ 400.00 for every half an hour duration (part thereof)       

Minimum Booking: One Hour (£ 800.00)


Filming Location:  Apex Centre Auditorium - 2 camera recording

£ 300.00 for every half an hour duration (part thereof)     2-camera filming

Minimum Booking: One Hour (£ 600.00)


Filming Location:  Outside Apex Conference Centre (e.g. Hotels)

£ 200.00 / every half an hour duration (part thereof) for   1-camera filming

£ 400.00 / every half an hour duration (part thereof) for   2-camera filming

£ 600.00 / every half an hour duration (part thereof) for   3-camera filming

Minimum Booking: One Hour (£400, £800, £1200)

Extra charges (Public transport travel expense for the crew members)

Filming rates for venues outside UK (25% increment on published fees)


Live Video Streaming - (Resolution from 640 to 1080)

For every half an hour duration (part thereof) = £ 50.00

Minimum Booking: One hour  (£ 100.00)


Live 2-way Video communication - Maximum Video-callers at one time: 4-5

High Definition Video Conferencing merged within LIVE show

For every half an hour duration (part thereof) = £ 50.00

Minimum Booking Block: One hour (£ 100.00)


Apex Centre Auditorium Booking (Video Filming excluded)  

Conferences, Seminars, Book Launches, Talk shows, Training Sessions etc

Use of the Apex Auditorium, PC, Projector, 90 inch Touch Smart Screen, Wireless sound system, Reception lobby, Displaying area for your banners


For one hour booking:          £ 150.00

For two hour booking:          £ 300.00

For a session (4 hours):        £ 500.00

For a day (8 hours):             £ 800.00

For multiple days:                 10% discount for more than 1 day

For bookings longer than 5 days, please discuss the discount over the phone with the manager

Additional Services:


Custom Video Editing (Sitting with the Editor)

For each 30-minutes slot = £ 100.00


Still Photos of the event (Photographer's service)

For 2:0 hour program = £150.00  (Minimum hire)

For each further hour (part thereof) = £75:00

Digital Photos to be delivered within 24 hours after program


Hostess and Catering facility

Service charges for hostess:  £30.00 for every two hours block 

Tea/coffee with cookies served in china crockery @2.00 per guest

Catering can be arranged (please discuss with the manager)


Weekend booking of the Auditorium*

Additional 25% of the total booking fee (*waived off if the event filming is booked as well) 



Prices are exclusive of VAT  (no VAT on catering or additional staff charges)


Payments in cheque to be payable to "Apex Video Professionals"  or pay direct into the Bank account (details can be provided)


Payment for the services is to be made in advance.


Extra charges (beyond the contracted services) are to be paid within 5 working days.


Prices are subject to review and change at discretion of the management of Apex Video Professionals Ltd